Time tracking with rewards 🍩

What if you would actually enjoy time tracking because it gives you a feeling of achievement?

Make it yours with color themes!

⛱️ Solar system
🏠 60's Wallpaper
🖍 Text Marker
🍦 Ice Cream
📝 Sticky Note
😷 Dust
🌝 Light Mode
🌚 Dark Mode
🤡 Twilight Mode

What makes time tracking with Busydays special?

☝️ Succinct

Your day at a glance. Fill it up with colorful chunks. Longer task. Larger chunk. Colors differ by client.

🐭 Frictionless

Simply start or stop your timer. Enter additional data whenever convenient or desired.

📡 Ubiquitous

Syncs between all your iOS devices. Also maintains an always up to date timesheet folder on your iCloud drive.

🌻 Friendly

Busydays turns a chore into a pleasant and motivating experience. With achievements, emojis, a vivid user interface and color themes.

📅 Monthly calendar

Provides an instant overview of how much time you spent on each of your projects. Everything visible in the calendar can be exported into a spreadsheet.

⌛ Hours at a glance

An even more precise overwiew of where you spent your hours each day.

⏱ Tasks

Busydays tracks the amount of time spent on tasks you create. Making new tasks takes one tap. If desired theses task may be assigned to projects and clients at a later time or before tracking time.

📈 Projects

All your time tracking records can be assigned to projects. This step is optional but unlocks more administration options.

📇 Clients

Projects may be assigned to clients if desired in order to group them visually. Each client gets its unique color.

📦 Backup

Your data lives in iCloud®. So you can even delete and reinstall the app and everything reappears magically. You get automatically saved and always up to date timesheets on your iCloud® drive on top of that.

🗒 Timesheets

Open your iCloud folder, go to the "Busydays" folder and pick the table you need. No additional steps required! Of course you can always export data from the monthly calendar as well if you so desire.

🖨 Print

Your timesheets may be printed directly from the app. You can also edit which rows shall be printed.

🚚 Export anywhere

Busydays timetables may be exported to any compatible app.

💡 Widget (Coming soon!)

Manage timers super quickly from your dashboard. It's even possible to access Busydays timers from the lockscreen when configured approriately via iOS settings.

📄 CSV Export

All your records may be exported as CSV files. This means they can be read by pretty much any spreadsheet application like Numbers® or Excel®.

📺 Display Modes

You get light mode, dark mode and something in between. In case you can't really decide.

🚂 Sync

Data always matches up on all your devices.

☁️ iCloudDrive®

CSV's are automatically beeing exported to your cloud drive. From there they are accessible from any of your iOS or macOS devices.

🔔 Notifications

The apps icon is beeing badged in case a timer is running.

⏳ Restore

Lost phone? Deleted app? No biggie. Reinstall Busydays to a device with a logged in iCloud® accout and all your data is back.

🎰 Push

Data is beeing synced in the background. No need to even open the app. All your records are always up to date.

⛰️ Offline Mode

Bad internet connection? No problem. Busydays sends it's data whenever possible. Manipulating items is always super fluent and immediate.

One more important thing:

🗝️ Busydays respects your privacy

Your data never leaves Apple's® servers. Busydays only uses Apple's iCloud® infrastructure to synchronize records between your devices and to export timesheets to your iCloud Drive®. No one except you has access to your data.
Made by @rccbox